The Truth About Using the Word “You” in Facebook Ad Copy

The Truth About Using the Word “You” in Facebook Ad Copy

I’ve seen this concern going around and you may have experienced this as well in your ad copy.

The understanding of many is that according to Facebook’s Advertising Policies, ads are not allowed to have the word “you” on them.

That’s not completely true.

Let’s say you have a weight loss product or service.

Your copy can say “You have to see this video” but you can’t say “You have to see this video if you want to lose that extra weight”

What’s the difference?

The latter basically called the user fat. And it can get to be a sensitive subject.

I am on the heavy side and I do get ads for weight loss products and services but none of them directly tell me that I’m fat (though I know Facebook thinks that I am).

And that’s basically the rule.

Your copy can’t call people out based on sensitive details about them such as race, religion, weight, physical wellness, gender identity, etc.

But there are always workarounds. See some below:

Instead of “Meet other men!”, you can say that you’re product is a “same-sex dating app”

Instead of “Do you have back pain?”, you can say “Check out this quick solution for back pain”

Remember that Facebook is a social platform and the last thing Facebook wants is to offend its users in its ad copy.

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