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Please allow me to introduce Julian Cañita Marketing Solutions.
We are a Facebook Advertising Agency focused on helping Filipino entrepreneurs generate more leads for their business using Facebook ads.
We are a team led by me, Julian Cañita, A Facebook Ads Strategist and Expert with 4 years of experience for over 150 clients all over the world.


Quite simply, we help you reach out to more people who are within your target market to get them to contact you to inquire for your products or service.

I’ve worked with a lot of businesses and most have really good offers. The problem really is just in being able to get people to discover it and tell you directly that they are interested.
Once we help our clients with that, they are able to easily turn those leads in to sales.
Our main specialty is being able to do all this through Facebook Advertising.

Connecting To People

World-Class Training

Producing Best Outcomes


Our scope of work includes the following:

✅ Planning out a Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy which is complementary to what you’re already doing well so you don’t need to create anything new (unless needed in which case we will help you plan out your marketing strategy.)
✅ Doing the proper research on your target market as well as proper target-market fit to ensure that we are able to set up audiences accurately and craft ad messaging which are designed to engage with our audience and get them to take action

✅ Setting up of Facebook Ad Campaigns including set-up of proper analytics tracking as necessary.

✅ Managing of Facebook Ad Camapigns to ensure that the ads are working well and bringing in quality leads for your business constantly.
✅ Scaling your ad campaigns effectively to ensure that you are able to take the winning ads and audiences and take your business to a whole new level by bringing in more volume.

Clients We've Worked With


"I have worked with Julian Canita for over a year and in that time I watched my online business double in terms of income and my mailing list grew by 40,000. He is detail oriented and results driven. Running a campaign is hard work that takes endless revisions to keep it fresh. He not only executed a successful ad campaign, he also wrote copy, chose images, and was essentially like three people in one. He is also a teak player and great to work with. Over the course of our history together I grew to admire him more and more and now regard him as a friend though we have never met. I highly recommend Julian Canita."
Online Course Creator
Undisclosed Client
"I"ve been in marketing for 9 years, and have been part of multi-million Facebook ad campaigns for big brands as well, but Julian is one of the only few (very few) people I defer to when it comes to Facebook Ads. He knows his stuff. He takes care of some of my Facebook ad campaigns and I couldn't be any happier with the results. If you want what's best for your business, close your mouth, listen to him, and follow what he says. Do thos 3 things and I can personally guarantee your ROI."
Nix Niego
Founder of Social Media Academy
"Eversince the company handled our brand, our marketing side finally had a structure. They helped us start up our website and then managed it making our business so much easier to handle. We became more visible to customers who haven't tried us and our online sales increased. Their team is so efficient in doing amendments to the website, email blasts everyweek and most importantly managing our ads in google, facebook and instagram. We do recommend them because wou will get your money's worth and they are affordable compared to other companies that charge for high rates with minimal marketing services."
Sooper Beaute
Beauty Brand


We’ll simply ask you a few questions to give us a better idea of how we can help and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you.

Julian Canita | Copyright 2019

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