Top 3 Reasons Why People Hide Ads On Facebook

Top 3 Reasons Why People Hide Ads On Facebook


I recently hid an ad from my news feed because it’s been very repetitive and I wasn’t interested in the offer.

Upon doing so, Facebook asked me why and it gave me 3 options to choose from.

And my guess is that if these are the choices being given, then this might be the most common reasons why people hide ads.

And they make sense.

As you can see below there are 3 options.

Let me break them down, particularly, how to avoid them.

Number 1: Ad is irrelevant

This means that you are offering something or you are showing content to people who are not interested in what you have to say or offer.

First thing to consider is your audience.

Are you targeting the right audience?

Is your targeting too broad?

Do you even know your SPECIFIC audience?

And if so, are you using the correct interests to target them?

If you have that down, the other thing to consider is whether or not what your offering or saying IS actually relevant to them?

Someone asked me about a pest control service free quote offer that they are not getting leads for.

It might be possible that they are targeting the right audience with the right service but the offer of a free quote is irrelevant because that’s not what they want at the moment (kasi our tendency is to just act when the pests are there na)

Maybe if we change the ad into an educational ad teaching parents how pests damage homes even before we start to see them, maybe that would be more relevant.

So make sure you have your audience and targeting down and make sure that you’re offering something they actually want 

Number 2: Ad is Repetitive

This tends to happen when you are targeting a small audience and/or you have a very big budget.

Remember to always check Frequency.

Frequency is the number of times one person sees your ad 

If you are targeting a very small audience, I recommend using the Reach objective.

The Reach campaign will try it’s best to deliver your ads to every one in a given audience size depending on the budget.

What’s more, this campaign objective can let you set a frequency cap where you can tell Facebook “I want people to see my ad x times every y days” like 3x a week or 2x a day 

Number 3: The ad is promoting something you already purchased

Imagine how this feels.

Kakabili mo pa lang ng item, they’re selling it to you again.

Now this is different from what I recently shared about upsells because that involves usually a different and complementary product or service.

This is like me asking you to sign up for my course then when you do, I’m asking you to still sign up for my course.

In order to do this, you need to have a way to track purchasers.

If you’re transacting online, make sure you’re using the pixel to track purchases.

If you’re doing offline transactions, you’ll need to get their name and e-mail address (preferably the one linked to their Facebook account.

From these info, you need to create a custom audience and exclude them from your targeting

I hope this helps 

Have a great week ahead 

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