Upscaling Your Sales and Presentation Into What Consumers Want

Upscaling Your Sales and Presentation Into What Consumers Want

Will this work out just fine?

About a month ago, we had a boot at a residential bazaar type of event.

One of the products we were offering were frozen marinated chicken breasts.

On our own, we know na masarap siya. As in 

But we didn’t get ANY sales or even inquiries the whole first day we were there.

During the second day, we tried something different.

We opened and cooked one of each flavor, chopped it up and gave it for free.

In an instant, the people around started asking more and more about the chicken breast until eventually securing their own orders.

There were 2 very simple lessons I personally got here when it comes to sales and marketing. Even in life.

The first is a question we now start to ask whether it be when it comes to hitting our goals for our business and for our clients or if it’s for other personal goals we have.

And that question is: “What needs to happen first in order for X to happen”. X being whatever goal we had.

We knew we had a good product.

But simply selling and presenting it was not enough.

What needed to happen for people to buy the chicken breast? They needed to want it.

Then we continue asking that same question until we find something that’s actionable now.

What needed to happen for people to want it? They needed to know what it tasted like?

What needed to happen for people to taste it? We needed to cook it and offer it as a sample.

So if you have goals or are looking to close sales, what has to happen first before your prospects make that decision?

A lot of times, we get to speak with the right people and we have the perfect offer for them but they will not yet be ready to pull the trigger. So what has to happen in between?

Second lesson I learned really made me rethink of what I was doing for my businesses and my clients.

And it’s the idea that if something is not working or happening, then it means that I need to change what I’m doing.

In our case, simply having a sign did not work the first day.

Chances are, it won’t work the second day.

And I recognize that I can be this stubborn guy na kahit hindi gumana, ipipilit ko pa rin and “trust the process” even if based on results, it’s not working.

So anytime I’m not getting the results I want, I need to shift whether it’s the way I’m being or what I’m doing.

Because doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different results in the definition of insanity.

Those were simple but key learnings I got which I hope helped you out din  

Have an awesome day

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