Palengke, Weddings, And Social Media Marketing

Palengke, Weddings, And Social Media Marketing

Weird title? haha!

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When you go to the market and someone calls out to you asking you to buy their produce, are you caught off guard?

Of course not.

But if you arrive at a wedding reception and you are greeted by a man waving a piece of meat in front of you or showing you the hottest new condo in Makati CBD asking you to buy, would you get caught off guard?



The reason for the difference is because of your purpose as a visitor/attendee.

We go to the market to buy.

Also, we don’t go to a wedding reception to buy.

When we go somewhere to buy and we are being sold to, that’s normal.

When we go somewhere to chill and hang out and we are being sold to, that’s not normal and may even be too invasive.

So much so that when you’re in that situation, you’ll probably do your best to stay away from that seller.

Now, with that in mind, my question would be, why are people on Facebook?

Do people pull out their phones, open to Facebook and say “Ano kayang mabibili ko today?”

For the vast majority, I’d say the answer is no.

So when you become too sale-sy on a platform whether it’s through your posts or through ads, it’s possible you’re turning people off because the news feed is not marketplace.

And when you are too intrusive, people might end up avoiding you and your brand even before a genuine connection is made.

So one of my best advice on Facebook ads and social media marketing in general is to be social on the platform.

Just because your social doesn’t mean it can’t be transactional. But it’s definitely easier to transition into a transactional conversation if people already know, like and trust you and this starts by being social and helpful 

Having Difficulties Reaching Your Exact Target Market on Facebook?

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