Are Vanity Metrics Important?

Are Vanity Metrics Important?


Vanity metrics are numbers and data that aren’t directly related to a business’s bottom line leads and sales.

These metrics include page likes, post engagements and video views.

When we talk about Social Media Marketing, there are generally 2 opinions on this: these metrics are either important or not important.

Speaking for myself, what I generally look at for the Facebook ads I set up are conversion metrics like the number of leads and sales the ads generate.


I use these vanity metrics as guidelines for how the ad is performing.

But let me go back to the question, are vanity metrics important?

A lot of people will tell you that they don’t. And I get that point especially coming from an advertiser’s standpoint.

I mean, why would you spend just to get these vanity metrics when you can allocate that budget to campaigns which will bring in more sales.


Remember that despite all the technicalities of online business and digital marketing, we are all still humans and react how regular humans do.

And how do humans regularly react if they are in a different place with no idea what restaurants are awesome?

I notice that a lot do these 2 things:

1) Check out user-generated reviews for the location they are in.

2) Go to where there are a lot of people eating.

Social proof is real and it moves buying decisions.

These vanity metrics on social media still do contribute to social proof.

I’m not saying that you should invest on these vanity metrics. That’s your prerogative.

But I’d personally like to give a case for vanity metrics and for marketers and entrepreneurs not to simply dismiss them as useless 

Have a great week ahead 

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