Did You Smoke Today? | The Things We Need To Decide On

Did You Smoke Today? | The Things We Need To Decide On

Did you smoke today?

Why or why not?

I don’t know your answer to the first question but I know your answer to the second question.

If you smoked today, it’s only because you are a smoker.

Or if you did not smoke today, it’s because you are not a smoker.

What’s the point of this?

A lot of times, we think that the results we have in our lives, including our freelancing career are byproducts of things that we DO.

But the thing is, the things we do aren’t always conscious decisions, no matter how much we think they are.

Like the decision you made whether or not to smoke, the things we do come from our identity and who we tell ourselves we are.

What we choose to do at every moment matters.

But it’s not always what we do that gets us results. It’s who we are or specifically, who we believe to be.

That’s why in the tribe, we’re all doing the same things, but we see different results.

It all ties into who your identity is.

And you can take that in one of 2 ways, and it’s your choice.

You can feel trapped in to whatever identity and belief you have about yourself like so many other people who just give up and succumb to the circumstances in life and say things like:

“Eh hindi ako si JTL eh”
“Eh sila yun eh”
“Eh hindi naman ako ganung klaseng tao”
“Eh mahiyain ako eh”

and so on…

or you can choose to recognize that you have the power to change your identity.

And really believe.

ikaw naman makakaramdam nun eh.

change your identity, change your beliefs and work from there.

I believe it will make a difference for you.

Coach Niel has an awesome training on this sa library about alter egos.

Check that out and try it.

My addition to that training is that you really really come from true and honest belief. kasi if you’re faking it, only you would know and results will show 

Simply choose to be.

Choose to be an expert. It’s not something na other people will crown you with. I’ve been an expert in my field ever since 2017 when I told myself that I was.

And choose to be a 7-figure freelancer. It took me a while to get this but being a 7-figure freelancer has NOTHING to do with the amount of money you receive. Our tribemates achieved what they have achieved because of who they were being, not because of how much they were making.

Choose to be awesome.

Then choose to be great.

Or choose not to.

It’s up to you 

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