Facebook Ads And The Longest 5 Seconds Ever

Facebook Ads And The Longest 5 Seconds Ever

Its just 5-seconds!

It’s seems like just a small amount of time that goes by just like that.

Unless it’s a Youtube ad.

Lalo na if you just want to get to whatever video you intended to watch.

Ngayon nga, ads are now longer than 5 seconds and are unskippable.

I think that for most of us, we default to skipping the ad after 5 seconds.

And I think the main reason for that is because the ad being shown to us isn’t relevant.

It’s not so much about the product being sold but more about it’s relevance to us as viewers.

Here's a couple of examples of what I mean.

I love beer.

But when a beer commercial pops up before I watch a funny video on Youtube, I’m skipping that.

But the other day, I was browsing Youtube for guided meditation.

I selected one and the ad that appeared was a 30-second ad from a show on Gaia which is basically parang a Netflix of stuff about mindfulness, spirituality, the Universe, the subconcious, etc.

I ended up watching the whole ad.

Because it was relevant to me, as a person.

And it was relevant to what i was doing at that moment, which was to meditate.

But going to the first point, the first 5 seconds of the ad spoke to me and was relevant to me and that allowed me to finish the ad.

Fast forward to yesterday where I subscribed to Gaia haha 

Anyway, what does this have to do with Facebook ads?

The role of Facebook ad copy as a whole is to get people to take whatever action you want them to take (click, convert, share, etc).

But here’s the thing.

You may be able to write a super awesome Facebook ad, but if people don’t read it, wala lang din.

If it were a youtube ad, you may have the most awesome ad and most awesome offer but if you’re first 5 seconds isn’t enough to be engaging and relevant, people will skip it.

So what’s my point, invest in your “first 5 seconds”

For Facebook ads, what is this?

First, is your creative.

People’s news feeds tons and tons of images and videos. If your’s doesn’t stand out in a good way, people will just scroll past your ad without even reading a single line of copy.

Don’t underestimate the power of your creative.

Second is the headline.

When people stop scrolling to check out the creative, the first thing they draw their attention to is the headline.

Is your headline clear and compelling enough for them to want to read your ad copy?

Lastly is the first few lines of copy.

Remember that the role of the first line of copy is to get people to read the second line.

The role of the second line is to get people to read the third line.

And so on.

Structuring Facebook ad copy is just as important as having the right words there.

If you write great copy, then awesome job. Next thinking to make sure is that you get your audience hooked and they read your entire message.

Have an awesome Tuesday 

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