One Key You Need To Learn To Write Content And Copy That’s Engaging And Effective

One Key You Need To Learn To Write Content And Copy That’s Engaging And Effective

There's a key for everything

I used to think that I wasn’t a good writer.

Now I feel that I am.

and I realize it was because of a skill I unknowingly mastered when I was younger in an effort to get more friends hahaha

You see, before, I used to “read” fortunes from playing cards.

Parang FLAMES pero baraha gamit ko haha

and for a number of my friends, they would be super wow-ed when I would be able to accurately predict what was going on in their love lifes.

What they didn’t know was that prior to me ‘reading’ for them, i would eavesdrop on their conversations to other people hahahaha


for the record, it’s not na pakialamero ako.

It’s just na magkkwento sila to other people and i would just happen to be in the room.

Ok? haha

anyway, so when I would “read”, i would just feed back what I heard them say.

I'm basically repeating what they said.

Pero syempre with my inputs pa din para valuable naman kahit papaano.

And that’s how I became great at planning and writing content.

I eavesdrop on conversations my audience is already having.

And then i create content around the questions and concerns they already have.

Imagine this: I am service providers for starting entrepreneurs to incorporate their businesses in the SEC

Go to a Facebook group of a specific type of person, which in this case are entrepreneurs.

Imagine going to a Facebook group of starting entrepreneurs and check out what discussions have been going on around the topic you want to talk about.

For example, let’s say ‘Should I choose sole prop, partnership, or corporation’

If I see lots of people asking and debating about this, imagine how well-received my content would be if i put out a video or a blog post or just a Facebook post entitled: The Comprehensive guide to selecting the proper legal business entity for your startup business.

I feel like a lot of people find it difficult to continuously come up with content ideas because they keep trying on finding out what’s going to be relevant without really checking what questions are people asking now.

So if you’ve ever wondered what to write about whether if it’s for content or for copy to get leads and sales, get out of your own head and look at what people are talking about now and use that as a jump-off point.

Have an awesome week 

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