The Heavy Side Of Selling

The Heavy Side Of Selling

Selling can be tough.

Selling can be tough.

It doesn’t matter if it’s offline through sales conversations or online through eCommerce.

If you’re finding it tough, it may be because you’re looking to make a big jump kaagad.

What do I mean?

Imagine a set of stairs from the first floor to the second floor with a total of around 8 ft.

How would you get to the top floor?

One step at a time.

A lot of times, sellers, especially online, approach selling like trying to reach the top step from the bottom.

and that’s not an effective way to go about it.

What is effective is that you take your potential customer step by step through the buying process.

Engage with them first.

Maybe start a conversation.

Then introduce your brand.

Have them check out your online store.

Show them each specific item that will help them with their problem which they probably shared with you during your engagement.

Then have them take the product and add it to their carts.

Then assist them to check out and finally pay.

And if at any point in this journey, they don’t take the next step, it’s ok.

You can always remind them and have a different conversation based on what step they are in now.

That's the secret of a good and effective e-commerce campaign.

Hindi gigil sa purchase lagi.

The beauty of running e-commerce campaigns is that you are able to track what people do and where they are in the buying journey so you can create a message specific to where they are at.

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