The Beauty Behind “PM Sent”

The Beauty Behind “PM Sent”


I’ve been seeing a number of memes recently poking fun at how people would comment “PM Sent” when they post a picture of an item for sale and people would ask how much.

I understand the humor and I do find it entertaining but I feel that people don’t realize the thinking behind it.

When someone asks “how much” on an item, even if the price is already indicated, that person is showing interest in the item.

In a platform where getting attention is of key importance, THIS IS SUPER AWESOME.

Do you realize that there could be a lot more people who may be interested but didn’t comment at all?

By commenting on something as simple as “hm?”, that person is opening up the opportunity for you to talk with them on a personal level.

Some sellers expect that they can just post their products and they’d start flying off the shelf but that’s obviously not the case.

But by opening this opportunity, sellers now have the chance to speak directly with the person to find out via private message if the product or message is right for them.

You now have the opportunity to talk with the person and break down any objection the potential customer might have about the product or service.

You’ve opened a line of direct communication and start a discussion allowing you to better position your product or service.

Facebook ads are awesome, but for me, it doesn’t take the place of good old fashion communication, especially for sales.

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