The Battle Between Marketing Platforms: Google Vs Facebook

The Battle Between Marketing Platforms: Google Vs Facebook

Which is a better marketing platform: Google or Facebook?

Before I answer, let me distinguish the 2.

On Google, you are able to target your audiences when they are looking for you or the solution you provide.

For example, if you are a plumber, you can reach people who are actively searching for the word “plumber”.

On Facebook, you are able to target based on people’s interest and behavior.

For example, if I am selling dog products, I can reach people who are interested in dogs.

So it’s very important that you consider how people are discovering you and your business.

Are they actively looking and searching for the solution you provide on Google?

Are they exhibiting a specific type of behavior which you can target on Facebook?

Why not both tho?

Digital marketing makes it so cost-effective for businesses that you don’t have to select one over the other 

You can even have them work together!

Think about this.

I’m a plumber.

My potential customer searches for a plumber and finds my website and checks it out.

But he is not yet interested in inquiring.

Then I run follow up videos to him which I can do because he’s been to my site already.

I’ll show him how awesome I am and show him why he should take action now.

I can also follow up with a free visit to check out his plumbing concern so I can give a costing.

O dibs, May follow up.

Social Media platforms, though they seem like competitors, may still work together for your success.

We just need to let go of the belief that there is only one best way to do anything 

Happy Weekend!

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