Testing: How to Know If Your Ads Are Doing Well

Testing: How to Know If Your Ads Are Doing Well


Here’s a story I love showing the power of testing.

In my younger years, I used to love playing Starcraft.

I would have this foolproof strategy, or so I thought.

I would use that strategy every game and I would win… against my opponents… who were all bots.

My initial thought was that I was great! until I was invited to play with actual people.

Only then did I realize how much I sucked at Starcraft.

But at least I was able to discover it and work on my game.

I see a lot of advertisers make the same mistake with their ad campaigns. They just stick with one targeting and one ad.

How do you know if they’re doing good if you’re not comparing it with other audiences and other ads?

This is why I always always recommend testing. The purpose of testing is to continuously look for ways to improve your ad campaigns.

Test between images, ad copy, call to action buttons, audiences, campaign objectives, etc.

Isn’t it going to be more costly?

Well, I’ll ask you, would you rather continue spending on a poor performing campaign or spend a little extra to get the best possible results?

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