[CASE STUDY] How We Generated 759 New Customers in 3 Months At Just Php 66 per Customer

[CASE STUDY] How We Generated 759 New Customers in 3 Months At Just Php 66 per Customer

How We Generated 759 New Customers in 3 Months At Just Php 66 per Customer

One reason why I love Facebook Ads is because it levels the playing field.

Now, even small to medium businesses can play the advertising game to acquire new customers because Facebook has empowered entrepreneurs to run advertising campaigns that are within their budget.

And in this case study, I’ll show you what allowed us to generate 759 new customers just by spending Php 66 per new customer.

The Strategy

Taxumo is a local startup company that helps entrepreneurs and professionals file and pay for their taxes online.

I started working with them some months ago to help generate more users using Facebook Ads.

Here’s what worked for us:

1. We only made the offer to users who were already familiar with us. We did this by targeting only our custom audiences: All website visitors and all those who engaged with our Facebook and Instagram pages in the past 30 days.

2. We reached out to newer and colder audiences not by promoting Taxumo’s services but through content which was relevant to our targeted audience and was related to the service. It allowed us to make a connection, establish rapport and introduce Taxumo and its services seamlessly.

3. We really took a look at who we were trying to reach. Our best performing ad set was when we targeted online business tools like Freshbooks and Asana. The logic being if people are already familiar with these online tools, then they are definitely small business owners or professionals and that they are open to using online tools for business.

4. We tested multiple audiences and multiple content pieces.

5. With the 2 main campaigns (Cold & Warm), we made sure to also exclude people who were not part of our audience. In the cold campaign, we excluded the warm audience. Then in the warm campaign, we excluded those who have already registered.

These aren’t exclusive to this kind of business model. That’s because I use the same principle for eCommerce, Lead Generation, Online courses, etc.

If there’s one key thing that worked for us, it’s that we took relationship-building into consideration.

We started a conversation which was already relevant to our audience and used that to present Taxumo as a solution to a problem.

But we understand that people will not always take the action we want at first contact, which is why we stayed top of mind through remarketing until they felt it was time for them to take action.

Over To You

How are you using Facebook to build relationships first before asking for a sale?

If you’re not sure, I’d love to make you a special offer to you. It’s a token of appreciation for you for reading this post.

I’d love to do a quick audit for you!

If you’re interested and you’ll allow us, we’d like to do a quick check and find opportunities for you to improve your digital marketing efforts.

If you’re interested in this, please fill out this form and I’ll get on it 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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