How to Target Very Specific Audiences on Facebook

How to Target Very Specific Audiences on Facebook

Do you know how to target very specific audiences on Facebook?

Facebook advertising is great because it checks your behavior as a user and collect data points on you.

It identifies what is relevant for you and feeds you more of the same content whether they be ads or organic posts.

As an advertiser, I love being able to be specific when it comes to targeting a given audience.

But life isn’t always that easy.

There are times wherein the target audience is very specific.

I think that’s a good thing for the business, knowing exactly who to target.

So in these instances, how can we target a very specific audience?

By educating and providing value.

Let’s say for example you’re selling a program on how to generate new clientele using social media marketing for wedding photographers in Metro Manila.

Let’s say that not a lot of wedding photographers in this area are aware of the power of social media for their business. So when you run ads to them about your program, it might not stick to a lot of them.

“Sus, hindi naman gumagana yan”

But what instead of pushing your program first, you educated them on the power of social media.

Ads which can help you do this would include:

👉 Case studies (How 1 wedding photographer booked his next 6 months in 3 weeks just by using social media)

👉 Testimonials (“Ever since I promoted my wedding photography business on Facebook, a day never goes by without a very interested inquiry”)

👉 Guides or a walkthroughs (“How to set-up your Instagram account and get discovered by your potential clients”)

👉 A Challenge (“Book a wedding photography client in 3 days by just following the steps in this challenge”)

What do these examples do?

They educate the audience on what is possible for them and their business.

People don’t want you’re product or service per se (not sure if I used that correctly TBH)

Identify what they want.

In this example, it’s clients.

Then position your product or service as a means to get them what they want.

Now imagine doing what we mentioned above.

If we educate first, more wedding photographers will now be more interested in applying social media marketing to their business. Now you can present your product as the “How” or the means to get to their goal.

Because it was you who opened their eyes to social media marketing, you:

(1) are already positioned in their minds as an expert and people are more likely to listen to you (and buy) because they trust you
(2) They have a much better appreciation of your product or service

One thing to note though.

Authenticity and the willingness to give information freely is key.

People see through businesses.

Educate and provide content generously, without holding back.

Don’t do it just because of “the process” we just discussed.

Always come from a place of giving.

I don’t know why but truly, the more selflessly you give, the more you get back ❤️

Having Difficulties Reaching Your Exact Target Market on Facebook?

We created a worksheet which documents the exact questions our team answers to help us accurately target our audiences for the campaigns we handle.

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