Take Advantage Of Crammers

Take Advantage Of Crammers


If you’re running Facebook ads to a local e-commerce site, here’s an awesome campaign to try for this week as people cram their holiday shopping!

Identify the top shopping malls, use the drop pin function to target these malls and a 1mile radius around them.

This way you’re targeting people who are in shopping mode!

Tread lightly though kasi this can work for or against you.

If you run ads showing how awesome your product is lang, they may be enticed to buy, JUST NOT FROM YOU.

So what can work could be the following:
– Promote products which are more likely not available in malls
– Position your products as unique gift ideas
– Speak of their pain points at that moment (long lines, crowded spaces, etc)

Full disclosure, I’m just about to test it out so I won’t claim that these would work.

In my mind, it makes sense.

But ultimately, what I think doesn’t matter.

What matters here is the actual results which we’ll use as data for when we make decisions for the ad campaigns 🙂

Good luck if you’ll also be testing this 

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