A Social Media Marketing Lesson From A Street Kid

A Social Media Marketing Lesson From A Street Kid


You know how in the streets of Metro Manila, there would be people asking for spare change?

We were on our way to our US Visa Application Interivew this morning and there were a number of people doing so using varying techniques.

Some would outright ask “May barya po kayo?”
Then some would just sit and wait
Some would create false scarcity by selling you pens, making you believe you need one.
And some would take action on a need by providing their service as taga-hawak ng gamit if you brought something that’s not allowed in the embassy.

But out of all these people, one person stood out to me in particular.

The one person who did not ask for anything.

When we passed by her, she simply said, “Good luck!” 

In a noisy path leading to where we were headed, the one message that stood out was one with an attempt to genuinely connect and provide some sort of value.

And yes, on the way to the interview, a simple and genuine “good luck” meant a lot to me.

Now, whether that was genuine or not on her part is besides the point.

I think what was important was that I, as the receiver of the message, felt sincerity.

That’s something we can dig deeper on at another time,

But going to the main point.

This street kid connected instead of trying to get us to give her money.

She connected with a message which was relevant and valuable to where we were at during that moment.

And because we were happy being approved and was in a giving mood, we made sure to give her something on our way back to our car.

And this is why I always recommend investing on content that is relevant and engages with your target audience before trying to sell anything.

This is just basic human relationship.

So to cut through the busy commercial world where every business is trying to sell to it’s audience, choose to connect.

Choose to build relationships what ever that may mean for your business model.

and build your business from there.

Have a great week ahead!

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