Stop Hiding Behind Your Logo

Stop Hiding Behind Your Logo

Stop Hiding Behind Your Logo

I’ve had a number of businesses ask for a quick consult and audit of their social media presence on Facebook.

For a lot of businesses, the common thing I see is that they have a page and they promote content using that page.

So far, my most common suggestion is to just promote the same value-filled content from YOUR OWN PROFILE.


Well first of all, with the way the Facebook algorithm works, you’ll get more visibility and more engagement.

But let’s go beyond that technicality.

Remember that Facebook is a SOCIAL media platform.

So to be effective, you have to be social.

You have to be building relationships.

Would you rather talk to a faceless logo or an actual person?

This is why even big brands have a “face” through their endorsers.

People like to do business with people, whether or not on social media.

So don’t forget to humanize your brand and build meaningful relationships. Don’t just focus on the sale, because when it comes down to it, that’s the easy part especially once you build that like and trust factor.

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