Facebook Advertisers Should Stop Complaining About Policy

Facebook Advertisers Should Stop Complaining About Policy

We Facebook Advertisers should stop complaining about ad policies

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Facebook has been through a lot of changes the past few years.

Changes that have #shookt the way people do business.

To name a few:
– Page reach has been lowered (Again. This isn’t new)
– Facebook has been stricter with its advertising policies

Yes, these changes suck especially if you rely on them.

But remember that we are just using their platform and they can do whatever the hell they want.

Adjust or GTFO.

When change comes your way and shakes you, do you fight it? do you rant and cry like Grant Cardone is doing?

Or do you just quit?

Or do you use it as an opportunity to further grow?

Facebook makes these changes for its users. The same users we advertise to. If users start to leave the platform because of poor experience which we advertisers may contribute to, then who will we be advertising to?

I would even argue that with these changes, Facebook is also looking out for us, the advertisers because they do not want us to contribute to the poor user experience which may damage business relationships with your customers.

IN FACT, I feel that the measures being taken by the platform to double down on user privacy PROTECT us advertisers from violating any privacy laws and acts which are now being put in place by government.

Yes, it sucks. And I still complain and for sure I still probably will.

But remember that what we are doing is an end to different goals. Don’t get too caught up with the platform you’re using and focus on how to get to the goal.

Looking for a Community for Facebook Advertisers?

We have a Facebook Group for exclusively for Awesome Facebook Advertisers in the Philippines where we can help each other out when it comes to Facebook Ads.

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