Social Proof: How it Works and How To Use It For Your Ads

Social Proof: How it Works and How To Use It For Your Ads

Social Proof is real.

To prove the effectivity of social proof, let me illustrate it for you.

Do you know of anyone who, if we’re being honest, isn’t all that attractive?

Like, the person is not ugly but neither is he/she artistahin levels.

Then the moment you discover that this person is in a relationship or is married, he/she suddenly becomes a bit more attractive?

It’s like that song in Beauty in the Beast: “There must be something there that wasn’t there before”

Now I’m not saying that you’re attracted to them, but you suddenly see that person in a different light.

This is a normal phenomena.

I’m not sure if there’s an official term but we call it “Social Proof”

We do this with products too. The moment we see someone else, preferably someone we respect, availing of that product, we think about buying it for ourselves as well.

Social proof is a great sales psychology trick and you can use it on your Facebook ads as well!

At the ad set level, below “Detailed Targeting”, you’ll have the option under Connections to target friends of those who like your page on Facebook.

How will this look like? Above the ad itself, Facebook will tell you how many of your friends like that particular page.

So if you see names of people you look up to and you find what they “like” on Facebook, it would make the decision easier for you to also like the page.

Use this function wisely, and use it well 

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