Why Do People Compare Themselves? | The Negativity In Social Media

Why Do People Compare Themselves? | The Negativity In Social Media

Remember this little boy the next time you say “Eto lang kaya ko gawin…”

If you’ve known me for some time, you probably know how much I LOVE social media and what it can do for businesses and for people.

But let’s be honest, social media affects us negatively.

One of the issues it causes is that it let’s people compare themselves against other people.

And that’s when the self-talks of I’m not _________enough comes.

Some of these may seem familiar whether you have said it or heard other people say it.

I’m not good enough
I’m not smart enough
I’m not an expert like _________
I’m not pretty enough
I’m not awesome enough

I have these too and sometimes, it can take a while to convince of myself otherwise.

But this weekend reminded me of the little boy who always reminds me that I am enough.

Have you heard of the story of when Jesus multiplied bread and fish?

For a lot, the story is about Jesus and his miraculous power to feed His followers.

For some, the story is about the power of sharing and caring for one another.

For me, apart from these lessons, it’s about the little boy.

Jesus asked his disciples to bring Him what food there is and here comes this little boy with 5 loaves of bread and 2 pieces of fish.

Yun lang.

But that was enough.

Because who we are is enough.

It doesn’t matter the amount you give to Jesus or to the Universe or to which ever divine being you believe it.

What matters is your wholehearted intent.

And when you offer it up wholeheartedly and completely trust in that Divine Being that you are enough, watch your efforts multiply and make an impact on the world.

Yes, growth and expansion is important.

But right now, at this exact moment, you are enough. 

Have a great week 

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