How To Scale Your Winning Ad Campaigns For More Wins

How To Scale Your Winning Ad Campaigns For More Wins

This post is about how to scale your winning ad campaigns.

What that means is that we take what’s working and we do more of that. And by doing more of that, we increase our results at the same rate.

That last part is important.

Because it’s easy to get more results from your Facebook ads. Just by simply increasing the budget by 10 or 20 times, you will definitely see more results.

But that won’t mean you’ll have good returns. And we want to scale our results along with its costs.

That’s why it’s called scaling.

It’s an increase of what we already have while keeping every other metric proportional with each other.

To illustrate, say we have a winning ad set running at P100 a day and gets 5 purchases a day. That’s a P20 cost per purchase

What we want is to increase the number of purchases per day by 50 a day.

The initial thought would be to increase the ad set budget to P1000 right?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always follow that increasing the budget by 10 times will increase the result by 10 times.

If you do this, chances are, you can increase the number of purchases to 20 a day but will cost P50 per purchase.

The growth we want is a sustainable growth keeping everything proportional with each other.

Before we discuss how to facilitate this growth, keep in mind that what we will be doing is based on the data you have gathered. No guessing.

This also means that these should be implemented once you have a good amount of data on hand.

I recommended checking these out with around 2 weeks worth of data considering ad spend is fairly aggressive.

If you are running with a low budget, 2 weeks might not be enough to gather enough data. Just feel it out for yourself.

So here are 4 ways to scale your Facebook ad campaigns in order of importance and priority.

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Increase Budget Systematically

I want to reiterate that increasing the budget by a lot won’t always and won’t immediately translate to results at the same cost.


When Facebook runs on a given budget, it acts like we do in that situation.

When we stick with a budget and have been doing so for a while now, we know where to allocate our resources.

So it would seem that people would know how to handle their spending right?

Why then do we hear of lottery winners eventually going broke?

Because when you give people or Facebook a sudden influx of money to work with, it breaks their routine with their previous budget and end up spending more.

So how then do we do increase budget without affecting all the other metrics?

I recommend increasing the budget systematically depending on what you’re comfortable with.

My most aggressive scaling would be increasing the budget by 50% every week. But my go-to increase is by 20-25% every 5 days. I like to be on the more conservative side.

Increasing budget by this much may sometimes cause a spike on the first day and maybe even the second day.

But as long as you have a well-targeted but relatively big audience size, It should be good.

If you have a small audience size, this is not recommended because increasing the budget will only increase the frequency. This affects relevance score which ultimately raises your costs.

Take Away the Losers

Apart from doing more of what works, it also makes sense to improve overall results by removing what doesn’t work.

You can start by pausing poor performing ad sets and ads.

The fun part is when you take a deep dive into your numbers.

You can do this by selecting the parameters under the Breakdown tab on ads manager.

This view allows you to see different demographic data and how each performed.

You can view how much more women take action more than men and you can also see the cost per result per gender.

One thing I also like checking is Placement. Use it to check whether your spending to show ads in a channel which is not performing well.

Once you identify demographics which are costing you but are not producing results, all you need to do is to remove them from your targeting.

Split It Up

Using what we did above, take this scenario.

Your ad set is doing well but you wanted to check how men performed against women.

You find that both are converting well but women are converting at a much better cost than men.

Do you cut out the men from the targeting?

I wouldn’t. I recommend splitting them instead. Here’s how I’d do it.

I’d edit the existing ad set to target only women then I’ll duplicate it.

Then for the new ad set, I’ll set to target only men.

So now I have 2 ad sets with basically the same targeting and the same ads but they are now split by gender.

And because I know that women convert much better, I can now increase the spending for the women ad set while keeping the men ad set the same.

Splitting up campaigns by demographic data help you scale the specific targeting that actually matters.

In this case, it all we did was to increase budget, CPA would still be relatively high because of the men.

On the other hand, if we completely cut out the male demographic, we’d still be losing out on good conversion.

So don’t just look into the data at surface value and just go with the best performer. Analyze each data point and come up with the best decision

Do Additional Research

If you find a successful audience, the last way to multiply its success is by trying to find ways to target a similar audience.

You can do this with the help of Audience Insights.

Once in Audience Insights, fill in the targeting parameters with the data on the ad set you want to scale.

Audience Insights will then show you more interests related to that specific audience.

Pick out the interests which are related to your offer and create new ad sets out of those.

This allows you to find more interests to target to help get your ads in front of more people.


Scaling is great and it’s eventually how you get more leads, customers and sales.

But always do so as objectively as possible. Don’t rely on your instinct.

Let the data tell you what is happening and where you should take it.

The name of the game is scaling, not just growing and getting more results.

Looking for a Community for Facebook Advertisers?

We have a Facebook Group for exclusively for Awesome Facebook Advertisers in the Philippines where we can help each other out when it comes to Facebook Ads.

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