How To Run Facebook Ads When You Have No Website

How To Run Facebook Ads When You Have No Website

No website? No problem.

After speaking with numerous business owners about how they can use Facebook ads for their business, one thing I have been hearing is that “but I have no website”.

Don’t let that stop you if you have the same concern.

Here are 5 things you can do with Facebook ads if you have no website:

1) Boost your posts – Ideally, you’re probably already posting content which are valuable to the people who follow your page. Take your best and most value-filled posts and click on the blue “Boost Post” button to reach more people.

2) Post Face-To-Camera Videos with Just Your Phone – Sometimes people think that in order to have a successful video campaign, you have to invest in equipment and talented videographers. Though that is true, I find that simply taking a video of yourself (or the face of your brand) and providing value to your audience by providing solutions to their problems can increase your influence by a lot. More than a post can especially now that Facebook seems to be prioritizing video content on the news feed.

3) Create a Landing Page within Facebook using Instant Experience – If you really need some sort of landing page to get a message across to your audience, then Canvas is what you need. Canvas allows business owners to create a simple landing page within Facebook to showcase their business and their offer. Don’t be intimidated because it has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder to get non-coders like us to create a value-filled page.

4) Start conversations with Facebook Messenger ads – Sometimes, a website click won’t really be enough to get a lead or a sale. For a lot of businesses, customers will still need to interact with a human to handle any questions or objections they may have. That’s why it may even be better to use messenger ads as opposed to bringing people to a website outside Facebook. Messenger ads are ads which opens up a Messenger window with your business when clicked.

5) Generate Leads with Lead Ads – My favorite among these tips is to use Lead Ads to get leads for your business. Lead ads are ads which open up a pop-up window inside of Facebook. In the pop-up is an opt-in form where the user can enter the details you ask like name, number and e-mail address. And since these information are already on your profile, these fields may be automatically populated with the info. It makes it easier for a potential customer to become a lead. 


So if you don’t have a website, I recommend you try at least one of the tips above 🙂

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