Remarketing To Your Customers

Remarketing To Your Customers

How to market your customers again?

Probably my favorite board game growing up was Monopoly.

I remember that there was no greater feeling than being the first to land on Boardwalk and buy that sumbitch.

Throughout the years, I’ve played multiple versions of Monopoly.

Of course there’s the classic monopoly.

Then Monopoly Jr.

And then when I had a Playstation, I had a Monopoly CD.

Then in college, I introduced to Monopoly Go!

Then a few years ago, my wife got me a Game of Thrones Monopoly Set.

If you go to toy stores, there are so many more variations of Monopoly.

One in particular caught my eye: Monopoly Cashless.

Yes, a board game that has card transactions.

It’s amazing how this one simple board game turned what seems to be a one-time purchase into a repeat transactions.

It’s something I find a lot of businesses overlook.

They put all their efforts in finding new people to sell to but none in finding ways to further serve the people who have already bought from them previously.

It doesn’t always have to be a re-sale of the same product they bought.

Your customers availed of your product/service because it solves a problem they are experiencing or because of a result they are looking for.

How else can you help them further those results or solve those problems?

In my opinion, it’s much easier to sell to someone who has already bought from you before. So why not do more of that? 

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