Why Some People Don’t Buy Online (And Why Remarketing is Important)

Why Some People Don’t Buy Online (And Why Remarketing is Important)

Why Some People Don’t Buy Online (And Why Remarketing is Important)

There are many reasons why people hit your sales page or checkout page and just don’t buy.

Now we can go through different psychological reasons on why this is so.

But today, I want to share with you the very shallow and simple reasons why people don’t buy:

1) They got distracted
2) They are not ready at that moment
3) They don’t have their credit card available
4) They need to ask someone else
5) They exit to check out more info and testimonials
6) They are driving (please don’t shop and drive)
7) The sales page isn’t loading completely
8) They are on mobile and they prefer to finish the transaction via desktop
9) They need to check their schedule (for time-bound purchases like event tickets and flights)
10) Wala lang, they just didn’t

Simple reasons with a simple solution as well:


Remarketing is basically the process of reaching back out to people who have shown interest and taken the initial action to make the purchase but just didn’t continue possibly because of a few reasons mentioned above.

And in fact, it doesn’t always have to be for deeper reasons (but those are important to tackle as well).

It’s not that they are not interested. It may just be because they weren’t able to.

AND imagine if you don’t make an effort to remind them to take the next step, that’s a lost sale.

Running a simple remarketing campaign whether through Facebook ads or email or your preferred channel reminding them: “Hey! did you get busy that you forgot to purchase this? We’ve kept it for you. Finish your purchase today!”

You’re not going to get everyone to finish the action but recovering even just a percentage of it can help increase your sales and profits so go forth and remarket (without being spammy)!

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