One Question You Need To Ask Yourself When You Can’t Get People To Buy Your Shit

One Question You Need To Ask Yourself When You Can’t Get People To Buy Your Shit

Why don't you buy my product?


Last Saturday, I held by first Advanced Workshop for eCommerce.

I had each person introduce themselves briefly and tell me why they chose to buy a ticket to my workshop and spend their Saturday afternoon with me.

I had a point to this and it wasn’t just for me to feel good about myself 😂😂😂

I listed down everything they said which included:

 I was visible
 I was referred by friends they trust
 I gave value for free
 I was engaging online
 I had testimonials
 I was able to show results
 I was able to clearly articulate the benefits

Chances are, the attendees probably heard about me or the event at least once before they proceeded to reserve their slot.

But these things are what eventually made them invest their time and money into me and the workshop.

And that is what I feel is lacking in a lot of business owners advertising their products and services.

They use the ads to simply show up in the news feed of their audience and think that that’s enough.

Now truth be told, for some businesses, that IS enough.

But it doesn’t always work that way for everyone.

There are certain bits of information and content that they need to consume and learn about before they can make the decision to buy.

So when you’re sales doesn’t seem to be where they want, try and look back at the times wherein you made a purchase or booked a service. Ideally with a similar product/service or one at the same price point.

Then ask yourself what made it possible for that seller or service provider to turn you into a trusting buyer?

Then take a look at your messaging and see if you are providing those.

It isn’t always just about getting more eyeballs to see your product or service.

It’s about realizing that those eyeballs are attached to a person’s brain which makes the buying decision so it’s important that your ads have to speak to that as well. 

If you’re looking to join us in our future workshops, please check out our website page to see the schedule. We have a back-to-back-to-back-to-back workshop series if you’re interested 

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