How To Qualify Your Leads Subtly With Your Content

How To Qualify Your Leads Subtly With Your Content

Facebook ads for lead generation is effective.

There’s no question about that I think.

But the question is, are they qualified leads?

The reality is, Facebook ads can get you volume of leads but the quality is not as refined as compared to something like a referral.

A big part of what we do in managing lead generation campaign is balancing getting a good quantity of leads but still maintaining good quality.

Here’s one way to do that.

Let’s say you’re in a committed relationship and your barkada invited you out for some drinks while your partner just chills at home.

At the bar, someone approaches you na mej malandi and you know that this person is trying to attracted to you and is trying to engage with you.

The person looks at you and says, “Hey, do you come here often?”.

Now, you’re not interested and you want to tell this person that you are in a committed relationship and are not looking for a fling.


You also don’t want to be someone who assumes. What if that person is just friendly?

So what do you say in response?

Maybe something like: “Yeah! Me and my partner love hanging out here once a month”


You established that you’re unavailable without accusing the person of being too straightforward.

You can do that with your content on Facebook.

Let’s say you’re someone like me who runs a Facebook Ads agency and you want to attract clients who have the budget to run ads.

Then you can share case studies on how you run ad campaigns for a client who spends Php 100,000 per month. Then invite the readers to book a call with you if they want the same results.

Or let’s say you are a cosmetics surgeon who is looking for people who can stay at home for 2 weeks post-surgery. Then you can share a success story of someone who had a successful operation because of how he/she followed the instructions.

There are many ways to do this.

Saktong pasimple lang 🙂

If you have any examples in mind, I’d love to hear them 🙂 place them in the comments 

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