The Pros And Cons Between Owned And Existing Platform

The Pros And Cons Between Owned And Existing Platform

Shopify vs Lazada, Shoppee, Amazon, etc.

I get this question a lot.

Also variations of this question such as Lamudi vs having your own website for real estate professionals.

What’s the correct answer?

There isn’t any.

All the platforms have their own pros and cons which have to be taken into consideration and you choose what based on your priorities and objectives.

Let me tell you the main differences of putting up your product on an existing platform owned by another entity vs your own platform.

By putting up your own platform, you’re given more power to create a site you want.

You can have your design, your operations and all the data.

When you used paid ads like Facebook ads, you get all the traffic.

but the challenge is just that, how do you get the traffic?

The additional effort lies in being able to bring people into your site and store.

By having your own site, you are competing with EVERYONE online for people’s attention. And that’s tough.

On the other hand, if you use Lazada or Amazon and the like, this isn’t too much of a problem because you limit your competition now to only the rest of the sellers on the platform you’re on.

You can also leverage the traffic the established sites are already getting.

And one of the best things about having your product on these platforms is that the people there are ALREADY BUYERS.

These are buying platforms so people who are there are already ready to buy.

The challenge really now is how to compete with the other sellers.

I don’t recommend running ads to these platforms for your products for a lot of reasons but mainly because of the following:

(1) You won’t be able to track and follow up accurately

(2) If you run ads to these sites, you’re possibly paying to bring in customers that won’t buy from you. SAYANG!

So I’m not saying one is better than the other.

Both have their merits and it’s up to you to decide 

But because we live in abundance, remember that you don’t actually need to decide one over the other  You can do all 


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