“Ang Pangit Mo! Ang Bobo Mo!” | The Power In Nothingness

“Ang Pangit Mo! Ang Bobo Mo!” | The Power In Nothingness

(Shoutout to Coach Winston Lim for sharing this with me last night)

How many people have called you pangit? bobo? or whatever negative adjective?

(Also good to think about, how many people have you called pangit, bobo or whatever negative adjective to their face, behind their back or in your mind 🤔)

These are triggers.

And with triggers come responses.

When talking about responses, I personally think about 2 things: Fight or flight.

In this instance, fight is when I defend yourself shouting “T*****a mo, hindi ako pangit. Ikaw ang pangit! G**o!”

On the other hand, flight is when I just say “hay, oo nga eh” then I sulk and feel bad because I believe it.

But I learned that there’s a third type of response.

And that’s nothing.

You can choose to do nothing.

There is power in nothingness.

By doing nothing, I’m acknowledging that the person attacking me is giving his/her OPINION and we don’t have to agree on what we think.

I know I am handsome, beautiful, smart, courageous, etc.

I know and believe these to be true.

To the point that there is no need for me to fight and defend myself against people who say that I’m not nor do i give in to what they say.

Giving in is giving them power over me.

And I think the wonderful thing here is that out of the three options, there is no right or wrong response.

There’s only your choice.

And knowing that I simply have to choose is very empowering to me.

So when the world around you tries to bring you down with their words, what will you choose?

Happy first day of February and have an awesome weekend ahead 

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