Growth Is Outside Your Comfort Zone

Growth Is Outside Your Comfort Zone

Why settle inside your comfort zone if you can outgrow it?

Start of this year, one thing I wanted for my business was just growth in terms of the number of clients we were serving.

I started to experience it slowly but surely and I was excited for what was to come.

But the growth I experienced last year came to a halt and I just kept on keeping on with the same way I’ve been doing things and prayed na eventually, the clients will be coming.

In my head, yun lang kasi kaya ko eh.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The past few months, I was pushed to look for growth outside my comfort zone, and into my courage zone.

I keep to myself but I joined groups like BNI to help me expand my business not knowing that I as a person would expand as well.

I started the year out na nangangapa sa dilim on my own.

And within just a few months, just because I stepped into my courage zone, here I am, not alone.

With my team of awesome people, serving multiple clients, generating awesome results, giving talks and workshops and actually building a brand of my own which i am definitely proud of.

Heck, I just applied as a BNI member this year and now I’m giving weekly short talks to the members on how we can improve as members and continue to grow each other’s businesses.

Below is the talk I gave earlier about BNI member classifications.

Never underestimate who you are and what you are capable of because you are limitless ❤️

Courage is not the absence of fear but the will to go through despite the fear.

You are courageous.

Don’t let fear hold you back from what you deserve.


BNI is a networking organization I belong to where business owners and professionals.

They meet every week with the intention to grow each other’s businesses through referrals.

If referrals are an important part of your business, I would like to invite you to check out one of our Tuesday meetings.

I highly recommend this especially before the year ends kasi there’ll be a huge spike on membership fees come 2019


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