How NOT To Build Trust With Your Customers

How NOT To Build Trust With Your Customers

How NOT To Build Trust With Your Customers As Told By An Old Twilight Zone Episode

I don’t remember watching this particular episode as a child BUT i do remember its story.

Its Title is “To Serve Man”

SO basically this alien goes to Earth and declares that it has all good intentions.

Their race came to Earth to help humans with technological advances which were aimed to help humans alleviate world problems like hunger and poverty.

Shempre, the humans were skeptic.

So they investigated and did some tests.

Parang nag lie detector pa ata.

There was even an expert who got their book entitled “To Serve Man” and tried to translate it.

But after all the tests, they found na the intentions were pure.

The aliens were in fact here to serve man.

So defences were down and they started helping the humans build.

Long story short, naging ok yung relationship and nag flourish ang human race.

Later on, for further learning on how humans can maximize the aliens’ technology, there were volunteer missions to bring people into their planet.

Super gands daw.

So much so na pati yung President wanted to visit din. so he planned to.

On the day of his departure, pasakay na siya ng aliencraft when the expert who tried to translate the Alien’s book came running.

“STOP!” sabi niya

“To Serve Man!! It’s A Cookbook! It’s A Cookbook!!!!”

Tapos dun na yata yung ending.

I can only imagine how shit broke down after that.

And I’ve seen this happen for A LOT of people.

I remember one particular person who commonly receives comments na “He will build you up, make you feel good, make you feel na kaya ka niya tulungan tapos sisingilin ka ng malaki.”

A lot of people in the coaching space, even when they don’t mean to, give off this vibe.

It’s no one’s fault really.

But if you are a coach who wants to avoid this, then definitely, take a look at how you are moving people from your content to your offer.

If the context of how they discovered you makes sense to your offer, then I doubt that you’re having this problem.

Context is very important.

That’s why a lot of people feel super bad about coffee dates that turn to networking opportunities or sales conversations.

Nothing against Network Marketers and Selling Professionals but the truth is, a lot of you do it this way:

1. Call or connect
2. Invite to coffee
3. Engage and build Rapport to get them to ask what you do now
4. Sales Pitch

I’ve been on both ends of this and it doesn’t feel right to the person whose being sold to.

BUT imagine if on the call mismo, you were clear about your intentions that you’re looking to meet because you’re interested in presenting something?

Yes, you may have less meetings.

BUT the meetings you will have are quality meetings. Meetings wherein the other party has agreed to hear you out.

Whether you’re a coach, a network marketer, a selling professional, a business owner, a marketer, or just anyone wanting to ensure they are able to build trust, always be upfront with your intentions.

You’ll be surprised how well it can benefit your personal and business relationships 

I kinda rambled as I wrote this so if you’re still here, I hope this helped 

Have an awesome day 

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