Engaging On A Non-Awkward Conversation

Engaging On A Non-Awkward Conversation

"Nice weather we're having eh?"

This used to be what people said during an awkward interaction.

Usually the awkwardness comes from the feeling of one person knowing he or she has something to say but doesn’t know how to bring it up.

So in that process of thinking about it, there’s silence.

The silence get’s deafening enough for a person to break the tension and say “Nice weather no?” or anything random.

This is the equivalent of when you are writing content for your brand on business and you just face a blank screen not knowing what to write.

You know you have a message.

You know you have an offer to make.

But you just don’t know how to start.

My recommendation, start by engaging with something simple.

It doesn’t have to be the weather.

Like last month, we ran a campaign for a travel agency and we started out our ads by talking about the all too familiar feeling of discovering that you’re passport is expiring in 6 months and you cannot use it or the various amounts of content about visa application requirements or the hassles of checking multiple airlines for flight prices which never end up at the price we want.

Start with something simple and relatable, then work your way seamlessly to whatever your message or offer is.

If you feel like you’re trying to hard to connect it, chances are, you are, and the audience will feel it.

Remember, even if for businesses, engaging with ads is basically a conversation. So approach it like a conversation.

Have a great day and enjoy the weather 

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