The One Thing That Kept Me From My Personal And Business Growth

The One Thing That Kept Me From My Personal And Business Growth

The One Thing That Kept Me From My Personal And Business Growth

I have goals, I think we all do.

And those are big goals, we all have them naman.

But in order for me to reach my goals, I have to continuously grow.

And over the years, I felt stuck.

I felt stuck in the routine na “pwede na ‘to” and that what I was doing at the time was enough for me to eventually reach my goals.

It was when I took a good hard look at my self and how I was running my personal life and my business that made me realize the one thing that kept me from growing at the rate that my potential would allow.

And that was to step out of my comfort zone.

I always kept to myself but it was when I mustered up all the courage and put myself out there was when I experienced myself for who I really can be once I embrace my greatness.

So I wrote about my expertise and shared it.
I shot videos.
Then connect with strangers.
I met new people.
And joined groups
I taught.

Yes, I was scared that people would say nasty stuff about me. But that fear also blocked off the heartwarming things that people would say about me.

Yes, I was afraid of judgment. But people are judging me anyway regardless of whether or not I do anything. So might as well be judged for doing something awesome.

Yes, I was concerned about the opinions of strangers. But I was more concerned about my opinions about myself as a husband, a father, a provider and an entrepreneur.

Yes, I felt exposed & vulnerable. But I also felt the success and the joy that came with it. More importantly, I felt loved.

My business in particular really grew since putting my own brand into my service.

And I find that as one of the key for successful solopreneurs, consultants and professionals.

Their business is tied heavily to who they are as people.

It’s both a benefit and a curse.

A benefit because your own brand can give you leverage more skilled competitors who are less human and less relatable.

But a curse because, you can only do so much with your time. making it difficult to scale if you do it alone.

Which is why it’s important to leverage tools to allow you to scale your business and personal brand.

One such tool is Facebook ads.

Apart from it being the service I provide, It has helped me grow my brand by helping me connect with people on auto-pilot, getting them to start a conversation and eventually get to work with them as a client.

I save so much time because of this platform allowing me to focus much more of my time into fulfilling my service.

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