Top 3 And Most Awesome Recommendations If You’re Running Ads

Top 3 And Most Awesome Recommendations If You’re Running Ads


1. Focus on Remarketing to your Warm Audiences

Remarketing is the process of reaching back out to people who have had shown any bit of interest in your business and products whether it’s checking out your site, engaging with your page, watching your videos etc.

It’s like pag may bago kang business or invitation. You share it with your close friends and family first, then the rest of your contact before really reaching out to strangers.

Remarketing to an audiences who have already shown even the smallest bit of interest is much easier as compared to trying to convince a stranger who doesn’t know you to buy at that first touch point.

2. Retarget People Who Have Started the Purchase Process

What’s the difference between someone who views your product and someone who adds it to their cart?

The person who adds to cart already has shown the intention to purchase.

andun na eh, nilagay na sa basket.

Pero it’s very normal for people to drop off and not complete the purchase from there.

There are many reasons for this and it doesn’t always mean that they no longer want the product.

Which is why it’s still important to remind them of the action they were supposed to take by running retargeting ads to people who have started the process.

3. Increase Order Value

There’s not much you can do with ad costs to be honest.

It’s really driven by the level of competition.

The question becomes, how can you further increase the value of a customer’s order?

You can do this through upsells and cross-sells.

What else can you offer them based on what they purchased?

BONUS: Treat the weekend as an opportunity not just to make sales but really to get new customers from your warm audiences who have never purchased and as a way to re-engage previous customers.

Don’t treat the purchases from BFCM weekends a one-off thing.

Those who will buy from you this weekend, especially the new customers, how can you nurture this new relationship to ensure that they will be repeat buyers and brand evangelists?

There are lot’s of ways to do this and I hope you find one that works for your particular business 

Good luck!

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