My Answer To: “Where Do I Get Clients?”

My Answer To: “Where Do I Get Clients?”

So where do I really get them?

Now this post isn’t about Facebook Ads nor is it specific only for digital marketing agencies.

What I’ll share with you today is probably the most reliable source of new business for any business.

It’s through referrals.

If i look back at 90% of the clients I’ve worked with, they have all been referred to me by a someone in my own personal network, usually a friend.

But there’s a misconception about referrals.

When i was getting started, my belief was that in order to get referrals, I needed to already have a solid clientelle with results already to show.

This is 100% FALSE.

If this were true then I would not have gotten any of the referrals I had when I was starting out.

And this is a trap for a lot of businesses.

They focus 100% of their effort on delivering their product or service and they just HOPE and PRAY that their customers are happy enough to give them referrals.

But I’m here to tell you that this is not the case.

More than half of the business that have been referred to me are from people WHOM I HAVE NEVER WORKED FOR.

So how did I get referral business?

I did it through 2 key ways.

One is networking.

Networking is simply going out there and meeting new people.

2 misconceptions about networking nowadays:

First, that the objective of networking is to connect with clients.


The objective of networking is to build your personal network of people who can refer business to you.

Second, networking requires physical presence.


When I was getting started, I spend 100% of the time at home. I built my network from there through social media platforms like Facebook.

The key is not to sell but to connect and build your network.

Going back to the 2 key ways I got referral business was by providing value to my network.

Value comes in different forms.

It can be through content or tips or advice.

It can be through referrals as wells.

Or it can simply be your company (as in your presence).

Again, no selling involved.

It definitely helps to explicitly ask for referrals.

But the idea is still building your network, whether online or offline, and building genuine relationships, whether online or offline.

But here’s the thing.

Building your network and building relationships IS NOT ENOUGH.

Sure it’s enough to get you a couple of clients from time to time pero it’s still quite passive.

The last element that can make this business source sustainable is with a proven system.

A system that allows you to get referrals on a regular basis.

A system that involves having REFERRAL PARTNERS whose job is to ACTIVELY look for referrals for you.

That’s what we do in BNI 

in a nutshell, BNI is an international referral organizations comprised of entrepreneurs and professionals who act as my referral partners.

Every week, we meet to educate each other about our businesses and to pass referrals to each other.

Below is a 2-minute entertaining video explaining what we do further.

But the reason I am writing this down is because I want to ask you if your business would benefit from having a growing team of 43 active referral partners?

Have an awesome day today 

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