A Marketing Lesson From A Resort

A Marketing Lesson From A Resort

One weekend, we went to a resort which was about a 3-hour drive away. It was for a vacation but little did I know that there was a marketing lesson in store for me.

It was a weekend so I wasn’t planning on working but as a millennial, I was still planning on going online from time to time.

Upon entering the resort, we were greeted by a sign that said: We have no wifi, please talk to each other”.

Not only did they not have wifi, they didn’t have a good signal for mobile data as well.

But looking back, they were right to do so.

It was a nice place and it was great location to take a stroll.

I realized that this resort knew the experience it wanted to bring to its guests and would not compromise in order to get more guests.

Because if you think about it, in reality, there are people who are more dependent on the internet than I am who would probably not consider the resort at all because of it.

But the resort doesn’t care. It cares about their customers and the unique experience they bring.

It’s about knowing your brand and being consistent with your marketing message.

That’s what I learned from that trip.

So if you’re building your brand for yourself or for your business, be consistent.

Don’t fall into that trap of trying to cater to everyone and making everyone happy.

Find your market and serve them for their specific needs and they’ll love you for it 🙂

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