The Third Element To A Great Facebook Ad Campaign

The Third Element To A Great Facebook Ad Campaign

The Third Element To A Great Facebook Ad Campaign

In this article, I’ll share with you the third and commonly overlooked element of a good Facebook ad campaign.

Let me illustrate it by sharing with you this piece of news:


But we didn’t get it.

Because my dad won the raffle but we weren’t there since we were fast asleep in our super relaxing beds at 12MN when his name was drawn.

The prize was awesome and it was going to us who wanted it, but our timings just didn’t match.

And often, I see business owners and marketers forget about this.

Yes, to be honest, even me from time to time.

We focus too much on two main things when coming up with awesome marketing plans:

☝️Number one is the audience. Knowing your specific audience, we know, is very important because that’s where a lot of our marketing plan will revolve around.

✌️Number two is the offer. By knowing your audience well, you know what they want and what offers will get them to take action. In terms of doing ads, part of this is being able to share that offer in front of your audience through awesome creatives and compelling copy or text.

But what we tend to forget is the third very important factor which is timing.

You may have such an awesome product or service and you’re putting it in front of the right people who want it and need it, but if you’re offering it at the wrong time, then 👎

What does this look like?

A consultant invoicing a client for an initial call without any prior conversation

Financial advisors getting a client sign a policy without fully educating him/her on what will happen

A network marketer assuming that every person they talk is hungry for additional income

I can name many more examples but bottomline is that whether you’re a B2B business or a B2C or whatever, under every business transaction is still a person dealing with another person and this is a relationship.

And relationships are built, they don’t just appear.

In the examples above, no relationship is built and let’s be honest, they can work. But I’m willing to bet that the success rate for people doing that is low and the chance for repeat business is much lower.

So don’t forget that business transactions are still relationships and couples who get married on the same night they meet do not work or last long.

Timing is still important.

Having Difficulties Reaching Your Exact Target Market on Facebook?

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