How To Make Your Conversations Easier

How To Make Your Conversations Easier


I’ve heard this since college and so many times after.

I’ve also heard a varying range of answers.

Some good, the rest not so much.

But here, let me try.

Imagine you and I were face to face ad we have a pen in between us.

Here’s my pitch.

So, the maharajah of India (idk what a maharajah is tbh) is coming here in Manila tomorrow to buy this pen for $10,000,000.

This pen was made by his father and was accidentally thrown out the window and I found it during my trip to India.

The thing is, I’m leaving today for the US and I won’t be available to meet him tomorrow. What’s more, I urgently need $2,000,000 pocket money for my trip.

So I would like to sell you this pen for $2M now.

Would you take it?

When it comes down to it, proper marketing messages and sales conversations isn’t always about our product or service or how awesome we are.

If we are able to clearly show the value of whatever we offer, these conversations become easier.

So when you are having difficulty closing sales particularly because of price, then look back on your offer and how you handle your proposals and sales conversations and check whether you are able to clearly show the value you bring to the table.

Happy almost weekend 

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