The 3 R’s Of A Long Message

The 3 R’s Of A Long Message


Over the past couple of days, I came across posts about how no one on Facebook reads long text content anymore.

I even had a comment in a not-so-long post I had saying that my post was too long.

Is long form content actually effective?

Will people stop and read your message?


See, it’s not about the length (hehe nice 🤜🤛).

It’s about 3 R’s

Number 1 is RELEVANCE

It doesn’t matter whether your content is long or short or whether your video is 1 minute or 1 hour.

It doesn’t matter whether your background is nice or your face is oily.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an image or not.

What matters is that it is relevant to the reader.

Now definitely it won’t be relevant for all. But those that do find relevance and significance will definitely consume it and those are the ones you want to be taking to anyway.


Sure your content may be relevant but if it doesn’t connect on a human level, it might not be as effective.

And what we mean by relatability is that it may not be enough that you’re spitting out hot fire of value in your post.

I feel that you need to be relatable and I find that the best way to do this is through stories.

Tell real stories to illustrate your points. Use stories to put and invoke emotion.

As I write this, I feel that number 2 can also be RESONANCE or how people resonate with your content.

Number 3 is REPUTATION

Create relevant and relatable content CONSISTENTLY, and you can build a following of people who clamor for your content.

So much so that they look forward to your posts.

And the Facebook News Feed algorithm will know that as more and more people engage with your content, the more visible you’ll be.

Take note that these don’t only apply to your personal profile but you can use these guidelines for your ad copy as well.

Make it relevant.
Make it relatable.
Make yourself reputable.

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