The Little Girl Who Taught Me About Selling On Social Media

The Little Girl Who Taught Me About Selling On Social Media

Who's this little girl who knows how to sell?

There was a flea market here in our subdivision and we secured a spot to sell pre-loved items.

Then a little girl came strolling in our stall and said hi to us.

We welcomed the little girl since we knew her.

She lived in the same building, played with our son from time to time and greeted us when we would see each other.

She was with her friends when she came in and I saw they all had stickers on their faces as well as a roll of more stickers in her hands.

I said that the stickers looked nice and they said thanks.

“Does Sandro like stickers?”, She asks.

“Yes!” naman ako.

Then she hands me a roll of stickers and said “Here, give this to him  20 Pesos only”

Nagulat ako but i ended up choosing to buy the stickers and giving it to my son.

Three big takeaways here when it comes to selling, especially in Social Media.

1.) I was more open to engaging with her because we’ve had small touch points of engagement before.

it takes multiple touch points before people buy so don’t fret if you run a couple of campaigns and they don’t work out agad.

It doesn’t mean your product sucks or that you’re doing Facebook Ads wrong.

Maybe need lang ng more engagements

2.) I was the one that started the conversation.

She showed up with stickers which got me to talk about it.

Effective Facebook Ads and posts are when you are able to come up with something clear and engaging enough that your prospects would be the one that self-identifies as interested rather than us pushing and pushing our products and services.

Then from there, she turned it into a sales conversation.


She made it about me and my being a father and how getting the stickers would be valuable for me as a father.

Ang galing lang.

We sometimes get fixated on how awesome our products and service is that we fail to remember that sales is about the customer, not me.

So yes, I still continue to learn from teachers whether they be Facebook ads experts or little girls.

And like any learnings, we maximize it by looking to apply them in our campaigns and our campaigns for our clients.

If you are an entrepreneur and you’d also like to be able to maximize our learnings to produce sales for you especially this Quarter 4, please do reach out to us and we’d love to see how our team can help you.

We’re currently in the process of preparing a lot of campaigns for launching and re-launching because based on experience, the next few months is the best time to do this.

So when you’re ready, let’s go! 

Have an awesome weekend 

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