Opening New Doors For Your Facebook Ad Business

Opening New Doors For Your Facebook Ad Business

Do you know why Filipinos say “Tao po” when they knock on doors?

I mean, it does seem to be illogical no?

Like, malamang tao po akong kausap niyo.

But apparently, it wasn’t as obvious as I think it was.

Legend has it, Aswangs would knock on doors to enter your homes 😱😱😱

So homeowners had to be wary when someone knocked on their doors especially at night.

So when actual people wanted to visit people in their homes, they would knock and shout “Tao Po!” as a sign to tell the homeowner that the person knocking was a person and not an aswang.

Pero it does seem obvious right?

Malamang it’s a person your speaking to.

It’s easy to say yet we still see a lot of posts on social media from businesses talking as if they weren’t talking to actual people on a social platform.

If you’ve listened to me for a while, you’ll probably know that I’m not a fan of product-focused ads on Facebook as a first touch point.

The reason is because it skips the relationship building process which i still believe is at the heart of businesses whether it’s B2B or B2C.

No matter whatever way you think about how business transactions go down, it’s always one human talking to another human.

It seems so obvious, right?

So my question is, when you do that post or ad to promote an offer, who are you talking to?

Before you click publish, think of it from the perspective of the people who are meant to see that.

“If I were a stranger and I go to Facebook to check out photos of my friend, will this post/ad provide a good human user experience for me or not?”

How different would your current social media marketing messaging be when you remember this key piece of idea.

You’re marketing to people.

Not Aswangs.

Tao po! 

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