How to Set Up Instagram Ads

How to Set Up Instagram Ads

If you’re looking to expand your advertising reach beyond Facebook, why don’t you try Instagram ads?

Before you start thinking of going through training on how to master a new ad platform, take a breath and relax. This is because Instagram advertising won’t be done on a completely new platform.

You can create and monitor your Instagram ad campaigns from Facebook ads manager!

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating Instagram ad campaigns. We’ll also discuss how it differs from standard Facebook ad campaigns.

Creating Instagram Campaigns

The main thing advertisers would need to set up in order to have Instagram ad campaigns is to set Instagram as a placement on the ad set level.

Yes, advertisers won’t be required to set up anything different for Instagram ads. Just placement.

In terms of advertising, Facebook treats Instagram as one of the ad placements. It’s not as a completely separate advertising platform.

By just setting Instagram as a placement, the Facebook ads platform already adjusts your ads to fit the format of Instagram posts.

However, there are still limitations to just setting Instagram as a placement for your campaign. Based on experience, Facebook still usually tends to deliver ads to the Facebook News Feeds over Instagram.

That’s why if you feel that your audience hangs out at Instagram, then consider having a dedicated Instagram ad set. This way, you’ll have a set budget for Instagram only.

Instagram Ad Formats

Having a dedicated Instagram ad set helps because you’re able to optimize your ads since Instagram has a different post format.

Instagram uses square images and videos so your ad should have square creatives.

When advertisers fail to provide a square creative, Facebook automatically square crops the existing image which is currently used for the Facebook news feeds. This does not always work out the way you would want it which is why having a dedicated Instagram ad set allows you to choose a specific square image or video for your Instagram ad.

Instagram ads also have limited ad copies. Unlike the usual Facebook ads, Instagram ads only have the button text with the news feed text copy. If you have a standard Facebook ad and use it for Instagram, the headline and the description will be gone.

This is also important to consider because for most cases, the headline has the most captivating message in the ad since it takes up the most space. So losing this might weaken your ad copy for Instagram ads.

Having a dedicated Instagram ad set allows you to control the ad copy you want to be shown for Instagram. Since you won’t have as much space as you would have on a standard Facebook ad, you can rework your copy to make you message more brief to fit the platform.

If you’re testing dedicated Instagram campaigns against Facebook campaigns, it’s still a good idea to use UTM parameters so you are able to monitor the performance of each platform on Google Analytics.

Match the Platform

One final note we need to make about using Instagram as a placement for your ad campaigns.

Facebook tends to be more content-heavy which is why the texts and the headlines matter as much as the visuals do.

On the other hand, Instagram is a more visual platform. People go there mainly to look at pictures and videos.

This means it matters much more for your ad to have a great ad creative.

So when setting up Instagram ads, try to avoid regular old stock photos. Your main asset when advertising on this platform is your ad creative. The copy is more of for support.

If you’re image or video is not relevant to the user, he or she can just easily scroll past it.

So make sure you match the platform and provide a good visual experience.

What are your experiences with Instagram advertising? Share them with us on the comments below.

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