How We Increased Our Webinar Show Up Rate

How We Increased Our Webinar Show Up Rate


When I was younger, during the time na wala pang cellphones, me and my friends would set a specific time and date when we would meet and hang out at the mall.

For example, we would say 1PM sa Mcdo Katipunan on Saturday next week.

and people would be there.

To me, it was clear.

When I was in college, medyo pet peeve ko yung ganito:

We set a date place and time for a get together. Let’s say Tuesday next next week at Drew’s

Then everyone agrees.

Then when the day arrives, only half shows up.


They would say: “AH! tuloy ba?”

I would respond: “of course! Wala naman tayong sinabi na cancelled ah”

Then they would say; “Ah ok, wala kasing nagremind…”

This is a reality now for a lot of people.

We set dates and times but we fail to show up for a lot of different reasons which we do not need to get into.

And sometimes, all it takes for people to show up is to simply remind them.

Let them know to keep that day and time clear because they already have something planned.

And this is how we improved our webinar show up rate.

I did a live webinar early this year and only 25% of those who signed up attended.

When we did another one last July, we bumped up that number to 40%.

We did this simply by creating a reminder ad that went to everyone who signed up for the webinar.

So if you’re running a webinar campaign or something similar like a campaign for an event, always remember to throw in a bit of budget just to remind people to attend so that they don’t forget.

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