A Quick Fix To Help Improve Your Website & Social Media Page

A Quick Fix To Help Improve Your Website & Social Media Page

Do you have a website or social media page?

Often times, when entrepreneurs and business owners hear that I work in the digital marketing space, the first thing they do is to have me check their website.

To be clear, I don’t do website design but I can give some personal input from time to time 

And often times, there’s something I often see: pictures of the product.

A rental property business showing pictures of the house.
A transportation company showing images of its fleet.
A travel website showing their featured destination.

The images are great.

But for me personally, so what?

There’s an age-old saying in marketing and advertising that goes: Don’t sell the mattress. Sell the good night’s sleep.

This goes with the idea of featuring the benefit and not the features of the product.

And in these websites, the same is true and is my personal recommendation.

When we look at the packaging for pillows and mattresses, what do we usually see?

It’s not just the products themselves but people sleeping looking like they are well rested.

And to the friends who asked me to look at their website, my recommendation is consistent:

Add people in your pictures.

Show a family enjoying a nice vacation in the rental property.
How about a group of friends onboard one of the featured vehicles about to travel?
Show an individual relaxing on your featured beach destination.

Make the product more enticing and more human by adding the human element which people will be able to relate to.

People don’t care about you or your product. We, as consumers only care about what’s in it for us, so show that 

We as business owners are people and we are dealing with people as well

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