Sino May Kasalanan? | The Importance Of Attribution In Business

Sino May Kasalanan? | The Importance Of Attribution In Business


Take this scenario:

– Person A filled up the biodegradable trash bin with papers, boxes and plastic. to the point na overflowing siya.

– Person B eats a banana and disposes of the peel on the non-biodegradable bin.

– Person C picks up the peel and puts it on top of the pile of papers because dapat nasa biodegradable bin siya.

The banana peel falls to the floor.

– Person D is on a call and asks person E to throw away her used paper cup sa trash bin

– Person E walks towards the trash bin

– Person F calls the attention of Person E and he looks.

Person E doesn’t see the banana peel and slips.

Who’s fault is it?

Sino may kasalanan?

Let's think about it.

If Person E stayed focused, he would have probably seen the peel to avoid it.

And if Person F didn’t call Person E’s attention, he would not have looked away.

If Person D threw her own trash, Person E would not be there in the first place.

Then if Person C left the peel alone, it would not have ended up sa floor.

If Person B did not have to eat a banana, there would be no peel in the first place.

So if Person A properly disposed of his trash, the peel would have been disposed of properly.

It’s silly to think only one person has to do with the result of the scenario.

Many things had to happen to lead to that.

This is a concept that is not yet too widely popular when it comes to digital marketing.

It's called attribution.

In Facebook ads, it refers to the the ad that brought in a conversion like a sale.

Often times, the conversions will appear in the remarketing campaigns.

But that’s because Facebook is operating on a last-click attribution model meaning Facebook will always attribute a conversion to the last ad a person interacts with.

But that’s not to say that other ad campaigns did not help get that conversion.

They all contributed but only one gets recognized by the platform.

And that’s the challenge.

So when you have ad campaigns which are not converting, make sure to take the whole set up in consideration because maybe you have campaigns which help make the buying decision but are not necessarily the last ad people clicked on 

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