Should I Trust Facebook With My Money?

Should I Trust Facebook With My Money?


I remember getting this concern before a number of times.

Specifically, the statement was something like “I tried ads before pero Facebook only got my money and I didn’t get anything in return.”

Now it is my professional opinion that the Facebook algorithm is really designed to help you make the most out of the platform, but it needs your help to let it know what you want.

Think about it.

If you gave your money to any business for their product or service and the business did not perform as you expected, you’d stop availing of their products or service right?

Same with Facebook.

I believe it seeks to help you win because the more you win and get results.

You advertise more as a result meaning more revenue for them.

But if Facebook fails you, you are less likely to do repeat business with them, so it’s a lose-lose.

So the best way really for me is to treat Facebook as a partner rather than an expense.

Trust it instead of trying to outsmart it.

Of course, you need to still do your part in telling Facebook what you want by choosing the specific objective you have and who to target.

You also need to give Facebook time to learn as it is a learning platform.

But for me, it really is a mutually beneficial partnership and my hope is that you see it as the same too.

Have an awesome week ahead 

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