How To Retarget Visitors Inside My Target Audiences

How To Retarget Visitors Inside My Target Audiences

“I get a lot of website traffic. A lot of which are not really my target audience. How do I make sure that I'm retargeting to only website visitors who are in my target audience?"

I received this question a while back and it’s not a question I often get but a question that is very important to consider especially if you have a lot of people visiting your website.

For those who are not familiar, retargeting in Facebook ads refer to running ads to the people who have already engaged with you and your business in some way.

In this case, he wanted to run ads to people who have been to his website before.

The problem is. not everyone who lands in his site are people in his target audience.

Meaning if he runs an ad to the general custom audience of “People who have visited my website in the last 180 days), he’d be spending to run his ads to people who are not at all interested.

Is there a way to weed those people out from within a set custom audience like that?

The good news is yes 

The “Anyone who viewed my website in the past x days” custom audience is a very broad one and luckily for us, we can set parameters that narrow down that audience based on behavior.

Here are some of the awesome custom audiences you can to help you only reach the more engaged people in your website.

👉 The top 25% of all website visitors who spent the most time on my website.

Definitely, those that just land on the website and are not at all interested will not spend too much time on your site.

But those that are interested, will definitely stay much longer to browse or read through your content.

So this custom audience option allows you to target the top 25% of people who spend the most time on your site.

👉 People who have visited your site x number of times in the past y days. (Ex. Visited 10 times in the past 30 days)

If someone is an engaged website visitor, chances are he/she will frequent your website.

Luckily for you, you can target people based on the number of times they visit your site.

Then exclude those who have not reached that number of sessions in a given time

👉 People who have visited specific pages on your site

Most of the people will land in the homepage of the site.

But engaged website visitors will tend to explore and learn more about your content and your business so they will reach pages that the unengaged website visitors will not reach.

Facebook allows you to target people who have visited specific web pages only (like your blog pages or product pages).

This is an indication of interest in your content as opposed to people who just land on the site, did not find it interesting and just left.

So if you’re dealing with this issue as well, know that there are definitely ways to further narrow down your retargeting audience to ensure that you’re reaching the right people.

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