How Often Should You Post?

How Often Should You Post?

This is a question that needed an answer

Today i heard a question that often comes up in workshops and coaching calls when it comes to building your personal brand on social media.

it’s “how often should I post?”

That varies a lot but what I can share is my own answer.

Before the past few weeks when stuff got busy, my posting schedule would be something like this:

👉 At least once a day on my personal feed
👉 I’ll post content to 1-2 Facebook groups whom I know will benefit from what I share
👉 I post once a day to the people who know more about me and are more familiar with me (student FB groups, public FB groups, other social media and e-mail list)

So ako, madalas.

Today, when I gave this advice, i was given a response that I also usually get so I know it’s a concern of a lot.

I know because it was my concern as well.

it was “Natatakot lang ako na baka ma-annoy sila”

And to that I say this:

If this is you're feeling, then check where you are coming from.

If your intention is to provide value and goodwill and help out people, and you believe that what you’re sharing is super valuable, then why would people get annoyed?

And if your intention is to just use the content as a bait for engagement to turn people into customers, this will show in how you write. And this may (or may not) annoy people.

This idea or feeling is part of what we call Impostor Syndrome and when we get into this, check what your honest intentions are.

Have a super great weekend everyone 

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