How Legends Are Born In Facebook Ad Campaign

How Legends Are Born In Facebook Ad Campaign


Not everything about Facebook advertising is about the bells and whistles of the platform and the strategy behind the campaigns.

A lot of times, the mindset and discipline are important factors as well.

Michael Jordan is fondly called the GOAT also known as the Greatest Of All Time.

But according to the stat site Basketball Reference, Michael Jordan had a career field goal percentage of 49.7%.

Do you realize what this means?

In a game where the what matters the most is the points you score, the greatest player missed more shots than he made.

But that didn’t stop him.

We still know him for being the greatest.

And I feel that this discipline to keep going is what is lacking with a lot of business owners and advertisers.

A lot expect that running ads for just a few weeks or a couple of months will make such a big difference to their business.

But because this isn’t always the case, a lot of advertisers get dismayed and just give up and say that Facebook ads don’t work.

You just missed.

You’ll have another chance to make a shot.

When this happens to you, my hope is that you remember Michael Jordan.

Your ad campaigns will miss.

That’s normal.

Your ad campaigns may miss for a while.

That’s normal.

Don’t let it stop you from making more shots and giving yourself the best chance for success.

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