How Being Specific Saved An Author’s Career

How Being Specific Saved An Author’s Career

How Being Specific Saved An Author’s Career

It’s an awesome case study and it boils down to just that, being specific.

I heard this amazing story of this author who I think is a genius.

Her name is Naura Hayden and she wrote a book entitled “Astrological Love”.

it bombed.

For most people, what they’d probably do is to just give up writing. While a few would dust it off and write a new book.

But not Naura Hayden.

She took the same exact book, with the same exact content and changed the title to “How to satisfy a woman every time”.

And books went flying off the shelves.

What happened?

She spoke clearly to what her audience wanted by simply presenting it to them.

Who wouldn’t want to be able to satisfy a woman everytime?

On the other hand, who would want “astrological love”

What does it even mean?

So the next time something is not going right with you business and sales process. Before you make drastic changes, take a look at each element and see whether there is just one small thing you can change that can make a very big impact.

Give people what they actually want. Not what you think they want.

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